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    Continuous Insulation (CI)
    CI Enhancements
    Direct Applied
    • Continuous Insulation (CI)

      Dryvit Outsulation - the original continuous insulation (CI). This family of EIFS offered by Dryvit includes: substrate air/moisture protection, drainage for incidental rain penetration, and a durable finish system that can be enhanced to meet your needs - Dryvit Outsulation is a high-performance cladding solution.

    • Outsulation® Plus

      Outsulation Plus® System

    • Outsulation® MD

      Outsulation® MD System

    • Outsulation® PD

      Outsulation PD® System

    • Stratum Guard® I

      Stratum Guard® I System

    • Stratum Guard® II

      Stratum Guard® System II

    • CI Enhancements

      Dryvit offers programs to enhance the value of Continuous Insulation (CI)

    • High Durability Continuous Insulation (HDCI™)

      HDCI Program.... High Durability Continuous Insulation

    • ShieldIt™ Program

      Proprietary base coat system that prevents woodpecker damage.

    • Direct Applied

      Direct Applied Systems

      In cases where continuous insulation (CI) is not required, Dryvit offers direct applied systems that provide an option for a Dryvit exterior finish system to be applied over exterior cement board with a water-resistive barrier and moisture drainage. This affords the architect the option to choose from traditional or specialty Dryvit finishes like brick, lymestone, granite and even metal panels for the building exterior.

    • TAFS™ I

      TAFS™ I

    • TAFS™ II

      TAFS™ II

    • Fedderlite


    • Metalite


    • Outsulation® PFP - Steel Stud

      Outsulation® PFP - Steel Stud

    Outsulation® Plus

    An Exterior Insulation and Finish System with secondary Water Resistive Barrier, additional Drainage Medium, and an optional Non-Combustible (NC) protective coating.

    Outsulation® MD

    A commercial Exterior Insulation and Finish System with a secondary Water Resistive Barrier, optional additional Drainage Medium, 10mm Drainage Cavity and an optional Non-Combustible (NC) protective coating.

    Outsulation® PD

    A commercial Exterior Insulation and Finish System with a secondary Water Resistive Barrier, Incidental Drainage Medium, 10mm Drainage Cavity and an optional Non-Combustible (NC) protective coating. Installed by the best of the best Dryvit Listed Applicators.

    Stratum Guard® I

    A residential Exterior Insulation and Finish System with Incidental Moisture Drainage and a 10mm Drainage Cavity for use over wood substrates.

    Stratum Guard® II

    A residential Exterior Insulation and Finish System with Incidental Moisture Drainage and a 10mm Drainage Cavity for use over wood substrates.

    High Durability Continuous Insulation (HDCI™)

    One of Dryvit's most recent innovations, and the most durable CI program available today. Impact resistance is backed by a 20-year performance warranty! If the EIF system is punctured, we will repair it.*

    ShieldIt™ Program

    ShieldIt comprises a composite base coat system to ward off the potential damage from woodpeckers and similar pests,for new Dryvit Outsulation and existing EIFS, with a limited 10 year repair warranty available.

    TAFS™ I

    High performance finish solutions for stucco, concrete masonry, tilt up, and other compatible substrates.

    TAFS™ II

    High performance finish solutions for stucco, concrete masonry, tilt up, and other compatible substrates.


    The Fedderlite panel assembly utilizes a unique process for embedding reinforcing channels into the CI.


    The Metalite panel assembly utilizes a specially designed light gauge metal frame and proprietary metal pan.

    Outsulation® PFP - Steel Stud

    The Outsulation® PFP system™ is a high performance Outsulation system over steel studs in a prefabricated panel assembly and delivered to the job site for erection on the wall.

  • Products


    Adhesives/Base Coats
    Finish Enhancements
    Lightweight and Elastomeric Finishes
    Metallic Coatings
    Reinforcing Meshes
    Stone, Masonry and Quartz Finishes
    Textured Finishes
    Topcoats and Stains
    Water Resistive Barriers
    Additional Products
    • AP Adhesive™
    • Genesis™
    • Genesis™ DM
    • Genesis™ DMS
    • NCB™
    • Primus®
    • Primus® DM
    • Rapidry DM™ 35-50
    • Rapidry DM™ 50-75
    • Demandit™ Smooth
    • Demandit™ Sanded
    • HDP™ Coating
    • Weatherprime™
    • Color Prime™
    • Primer with Sand™
    • Freestyle®
    • Quarzputz®
    • Sandblast®
    • Sandpebble™
    • Sandpebble™ Fine
    • NT™ Finishes
    • HDP™ Finish
    AP Adhesive™

    One-part, urethane based adhesive


    Acrylic-modified, fibre-reinforced adhesive, base coat and leveling coat

    Genesis™ DM

    Dry mix, polymer-modified, cementitious, fibre-reinforced adhesive and base coat

    Genesis™ DMS

    Sprayable, dry blend, polymer-modified, cement-based adhesive and base coat


    A tintable, non-cementitious base coat for embedding reinforcing mesh, for re-skimming existing lamina during repair and remediation, and providing a grout coat for Custom Brick™ finishes


    Acrylic-modified adhesive and base coat

    Primus® DM

    Dry mix, polymer-modified, cementitious adhesive and base coat

    Rapidry DM™ 35-50

    Fast-setting, dry mix, polymer-modified, cementitious adhesive and base coat for use in colder weather.

    Rapidry DM™ 50-75

    Fast-setting, dry mix, polymer-modified, cementitious adhesive and base coat

    Demandit™ Smooth

    Exterior/Interior Acrylic PMR™ Architectural Coating

    Demandit™ Sanded

    Exterior/Interior Acrylic PMR™ Architectural Coating

    HDP™ Coating

    Exterior Acrylic Coating with Hydrophobic Properties

    PMR™ - Proven Mildew Resistance

    Proven mildew resistant finishes and coatings for demanding building environments


    The latest technology in environmentally friendly and fade resistant StratoTone™ High Performance Colourants

    E™ Finishes

    Aggregate textured 100% acrylic-based Dirt Pickup Resistance lightweight finishes

    Weatherlastic™ Smooth

    Flexible, waterproof elastomeric exterior coating

    Weatherlastic™ Textured Finishes

    Flexible, elastomeric exterior finishes.


    High Performance Acrylic Weatherproofing Coating


    100% Acrylic coating providing a pearlescent appearance.


    Ready-To-Use Smoothing Material for Dryvit® Base Coat.

    NewBrick™ Canada

    NewBrick is a lightweight insulated brick product that is coated with a specially formulated finish.


    Colour-tinted acrylic primer for Weatherlastic™ finishes.

    Color Prime™

    Pigmented Acrylic Primer for Dryvit® Finishes

    Primer with Sand™

    Acrylic-based Primer with Sand

    Reinforcing Mesh

    Glass Fibre Mesh for Reinforcing Dryvit® Base Coats.

    Custom Brick™

    Brick made energy Efficient


    100% Acrylic-Based Finish with Large Mica Chips and Multi-Colour Quartz Aggregates


    Limestone made lightweight, durable, affordable and energy efficient


    100% Acrylic-Based Finish with Multi-Coloured Quartz Aggregates.

    Stone Mist™

    Exterior and Interior Quartz Aggregate Finish


    "Original" Aggregate textured 100% Acrylic-Based Dirt Pickup Resistance Finish


    "Original" Aggregate textured 100% Acrylic-Based Dirt Pickup Resistance Finish


    "Original" Aggregate textured 100% Acrylic-Based Dirt Pickup Resistance Finish


    "Original" Aggregate textured 100% Acrylic-Based Dirt Pickup Resistance Finish

    Sandpebble™ Fine

    "Original" Aggregate textured 100% Acrylic-Based Dirt Pickup Resistance Finish

    NT™ Finishes

    Aggregate Textured 100% Acrylic-Based Dirt Pickup Resistance Finishes, with Improved Application Characteristics

    HDP™ Finish

    Textured 100% Acrylic Finishes with Hydrophobic Properties

    Tuscan Glaze™

    100% Acrylic custom antique stain.


    Clear Acrylic Primer-Sealer

    Backstop™ NT-Texture

    A high performance, non-cementitious water-resistive membrane and air barrier.

    Backstop™ NT-VB

    A high performance, non-cementitious water-resistive membrane and air/vapour barrier.


    A polymer-based, water resistant base coat and adhesive

    AquaFlash™ Flashing System

    A liquid-applied flashing material and mesh for sealing rough openings at windows, doors and other wall penetrations.


    An Acrylic Admixture for Portland Cement Mixes

    EPS Insulation Board

    Expanded Polystyrene Insulation Board for use in Dryvit Systems


    Fast-setting, non-sagging, patching material.


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