E™ Finishes

Aggregate textured 100% acrylic-based Dirt Pickup Resistance lightweight finishes

Dryvit® E Finishes are lightweight, premixed 100%  acrylic-based finishes, which are offered in standard and custom colours in Dryvit's Pastel and Mid-base formulations. Packaged in pails weighing nearly half the weight of standard finishes for the same volume, the E Finishes allow for far greater ease of application at the same coverage rates and the same performance as all Dryvit finishes. They are more flexible than standard acrylic finishes. E Finishes are durable and provide surface colour and texture for Dryvit systems. E Finishes are available in 3 textured finishes; Quarzputz E, Sandpebble E and Sandpebble Fine E.

These finishes can be applied over other properly prepared substrates such as exterior masonry, stucco, and precast or cast-in-place concrete. The finishes are also suitable for interior applications. All finishes can be applied with a trowel or spray applied with a hopper gun or pole gun-type sprayer. E Finish is shipped in 18 kg (40 lb) pails. Coverage is approximate and depends on substrate, details and individual application technique. Coverage for Quarzputz E is approximately 11 m² (120 ft²) per pail, for Sandpebble E is approximately 12 m² (130 ft²) per pail and for Sandpebble Fine E is approximately 15 m² (160 ft²) per pail.

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