Ready-to-use smoothing material for Dryvit® base coat.

Skimit is a ready-to-use, trowel-applied material used to smooth a properly installed Dryvit reinforced base coat over insulation board. It is specifically formulated to achieve a smooth surface free of trowel marks and small ridges. For use on areas that require a smooth coating such as the Reflectit™ finish.

Skimit is intended for use in small areas such as bands or in panels of a maximum 1.5 m x 1.5 m (5 ft. x 5 ft.) area that require a smooth coating. The base coat should be prepared using the two-pass method as described in the system application instructions, and should be rasped and cleaned to eliminate any imperfections or surface contaminants before the application of Skimit. For application on a typical Dryvit cementitious reinforced base coat, coverage will be approximately 32 m² (350 ft²) per pail when applied in two coats. Skimit is shipped in 30 kg (65 lb) pails.

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