NewBrick is a lightweight insulated brick product that is coated with a specially formulated finish.


But Now with So Much More!

NewBrick™ offers the industry a way to build more cost and energy efficient traditional looking buildings from the ground up in a faster and simpler way." A game-changing innovation in exterior wall design that can be installed over nearly any solid substrate, including concrete and masonry, as well as over any Dryvit Outsulation® or Stratum Guard® system.

Lighweight is better!

  • At only 11.96 kg/m2 (2.45 lbs/ft2) before mortar, resulting in higher daily productivity
  • Safer to work with-especially on multi-story construction projects
  • Easy to cut and very little dust
  • Compresses the exterior construction schedules
  • More brick per truck lowers transportation cost
  • Eliminates ties, pans, shelf angles, weight bearing footers


  • Quick and Easy installation
  • When installed over Outsulation or Stratum Guard CI, the system includes air, water and vapor barriers, continuous insulation (CI), and a veneer that comes with a complete system warranty.
  • Single manufacturer and installed by a single contractor simplifies jobsite responsibilities and reduces coordination between trades.
  • Can be installed direct to nearly any solid substrate or a Dryvit Outsulation or Stratum Guard system basecoat.
  • Eliminates the need for support elements like shelves, pans or ties
  • Easy to repair if damaged
  • Simple yet versatile, allowing for decorative brick patterns and architectural detailing to be easily accomplished.

Energy Efficient!

  • Thermal insulation built right into NewBrick helps to reduce energy bills!
  • When used in combination with Outsulation or Stratum Guard CI, it can contribute to LEED credits


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