NT Finishes

Aggregate Textured 100% Acrylic-Based Dirt Pickup Resistance Finishes with Improved Application Characteristics 

NT Finishes are a 100% acrylic-based finish, which is offered in standard and custom colours. It is specially formulated to improve blister resistance and to improve application characteristics that develop uniform texture and appearance more easily. The finish is durable, providing surface colour and texture for Dryvit® sytems. NT Finishes have dirt pickup resistant chemistry that will remain cleaner longer after application. NT Finishes are offered in Sandpebble and Sandpebble Fine textures.

NT Finishes can be applied over properly prepared substrates such as exterior masonry, stucco, and precast or cast-in-place concrete. It is also approved for interior applications. Coverage is approximate and will vary depending on substrate and individual application technique. Sandpabble NT coverage is approximately 12 m2 (130 ft2) per 32 kg (70 lb) pail, and Sandpebble Fine NT coverage is approximately 15 m² (160 ft²) per 32 kg (70lb) pail.

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