High Durability Continuous Insulation (HDCI™) Program

One of Dryvit's most recent innovations, and the most durable CI program available today. Impact resistance is backed by a 20-year performance warranty! If the EIF system is punctured, we will repair it.*

HDCI Program Highlights

The HDCI program is more than just a pretty face… it is one tough wall. Impact resistance can be a critical design element for any building. HDCI delivers design freedom, exceptional performance and a high level of impact resistance with the peace of mind that is backed by a written warranty. If the lamina gets punctured, we will repair it.*

*Contact Dryvit Systems Canada for full warranty details.

  • Warrantied Puncture Resistance
  • Continuous Insulation (CI)
  • Integrated Air and Water-Resistive Barrier
  • Critical Design Interface

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