ShieldIt™ Program

ShieldIt™ Program

Acrylic Polymer-Modified Base Coats for Dryvit’s ShieldIt Warranty Program

The ShieldIt Base Coats are used over new and existing EIFS to provide a layer of protection against damage from woodpeckers and similar pests. The combination of the two ShieldIt Base Coat layers changes the surface characteristics to deter woodpeckers from pecking their way through the EIFS lamina.

ShieldIt can be applied to existing EIFS lamina (reinforced base coat and finish) that is clean, dry, and in good serviceable condition - including decorative trim, profiles and mouldings. It can also be applied to, upon consultation with Dryvit, and with permission of the Authority Having Jurisdiction, on new Dryvit EIFS, overtop the reinforced base coat, prior to the finish coat application.

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