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Original Continuous Insulation 356x267

Outsulation - The Original Continuous Insulation

Exterior Continuous Insulation is the most effective way to insulate a building. The Department of Energy (DOE) has mandated that all states comply with the ASHRAE 90.1 2010 design standard by October 18, 2013, which requires the use of Continuous Insulation in over 90% of the U.S. This video will quickly show you how Outsulation by Dryvit is the easiest and most effective way to provide both continuous insulation AND durable, beautiful finishes.

400X300 Hdp Finish And Coating

HDP Coatings & Finishes

Dryvit HDP™ Coatings & Finishes have high-performance hydrophobic properties that repel water, keeping the wall drier and cleaner. It is available as both a coating and textured finish, in all standard and custom colors with StratoTone™ high performance pigments.

Outsulation MD

HDCI Impact Test

See the strength of our HDCI System Enhancement

What Is Outsulation355x266

"What is Outsulation"

Outsulation Systems from Dryvit are highly energy efficient wall claddings. A variety of finish textures, styles and colors are available and can replicate stucco, brick, limestone or granite. Design options with Outsulation are virtually endless! 


Dryvit - As Green As It Gets! Energy Efficient Construction

Dryvit Systems Wall Cladding - Tiny Footprint, Hugh Benefit! Summarizes Dryvit's green life cycle analysis in terms of the construction, operating and environmental benefits associated with building today. Independent research is cited throughout, which confirms that Dryvit is truly 'As Green As It Gets.'


Dryvit Panzer Missile Test

Dryvit Systems cladding is durable and strong thanks to Panzer Mesh. High impact applications are available, which are manufactured to stringent Dryvit requirements for optimum strength and resilience. The specially woven and treated glass fiber mesh is used with Dryvit base coats to provide strength and impact resistance.

Virginia Homeowner

Virginia Homeowner increases square footage by 100% with only 15% increase in utility bills.

Dryvit Outsulation provides more than just an exceptional, unique appearance. Outsulation is the best way to provide exterior continuous insulation to your home's walls, increasing its energy efficiency by 84% over other sidings such as brick, stucco and wood.


Outsulation Dresses Up Banner Desert Medical Center

Energy efficiency and sustainability were key factors in the selection of Outsulation for this 40-year old building. Listen to the architect, GC, and Banner Health employees talk about the process they went through in selecting Dryvit Outsulation.

Warwick Home Makeover

Rhode Island Home Gets Exterior Make-Over

In conjunction with a local TV show, Dryvit offered one lucky homeowner a free exterior wall home make-over. The results: reduced energy use, increased property value and increased curb appeal.


Renovating Your Exterior Walls With Energy-Efficient Outsulation by Dryvit

Dryvit Outsulation can improve aesthetics, increase property value, meet building code requirements and maximize your building's energy efficiency with an attractive return on investment. Outsulation is ideal for both renovation and new construction and offers a wide range of durable finishes to create almost any look you desire. Whether your property is commercial or residential, Dryvit Outsulation provides benefits for you.

Pearl River

Pearl River Hilton Dryvit Outsulation

Originally built in 1988 using Dryvit Outsulation, this landmark hotel was starting to show its age. So nearly 20 years after it was first built, a decision was made to restore this property to its original pristine condition. Learn how DryvitCARE made this possible.

Reflectit Application (1)

SkimIt ™ and Reflectit ™ Application Video

SkimIt and Reflectit
Reflectit is a "pearlescent" coating that can be used to create a smooth metallic effect.  It is used over a Dryvit Outsulation system and Dryvit SkimIt smoothing material. 

400X300 Primus Dm

Mixing Instructions for Genesis DM and Primus DM

Dryvit Systems Canada walks you through a step by step protocol on mixing our Dry Mix Basecoat products Primus® DM and Genesis™ DM. Follwoing this will help you maximize the pot-life of either on your next job site!


Lymestone ™ Finish Application Video

A premixed, 100% acrylic-based finish designed to replicate the appearance of limestone blocks.


Tuscan Glaze ™ Finish Application Video

Tuscan Glaze
A Tintable Acrylic Stain That Can Be Applied To Acrylic or Elastomeric Finishes, Providing An 'Old World' or 'Antique' Look.

Af Backstop Nt

AquaFlash ® and Backstop® NT Application Video

A water-resistant flashing system consisting of a liquid adhesive and a polyester tape for use at wall openings.
Backstop NT - Smooth and Texture 
A High Performance, Noncementitious Water-Resistive Membrane and Air Barrier     

Aquaflash Corners

AquaFlash® Corners Application Video

AquaFlash Corners
Pre-made Mesh for Corners.
Dryvit’s AquaFlash Corners are pre-made mesh pieces that easily fit into the corner of openings, eliminating the need for cutting in the field.


TerraNeo® Finish Application Video

A trowel-applied stone finish that simulates cut stone and granite.

Conversation With Applicators

A Conversation with Dryvit Applicators

What do applicators really think of Dryvit?
Watch this video and hear, in their own words, why they feel doing business with Dryvit is beneficial to them.

300 Corporate

Dryvit Systems, Inc. - Corporate Video

Dryvit is an enormously popular cladding system in commercial and residential construction, offering a highly energy efficient, lightweight engineered cladding system with a vast array of finish options to suit any design consideration.

300 Dryvit Rocks

Dryvit Rocks - There's Only One Dryvit!

The #1 Exterior Insulation and Finish System cladding manufacturer.
Offering a highly energy efficient, lightweight engineered cladding system with a vast array of finish options to suit any design consideration.

300 Penguin Chopper

"Dryvit Penguin Chopper" by Orange County Choppers (OCC)

Unveiling of the Dryvit Penguin Chopper

AIA Show! 

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